Diamond in the sea

The sun creates diamond likes jewels on the top of the waves. in Saline Beach, the sea becomes a brilliant place where our soul…


Christmas rainbow

Yesterday, on Christmas day, the sky was painted with a colorful symbol of peace and happiness. Fron Vitet height we were happy to see…


Merry christmas!

Happy christmas to everybody. Saint Barth’s people offers to the world this beautiful view of Gustavia.


Surfing in Toiny

At Toiny beach, surfers are riding the waves. Some goats are looking at them from the wild coast.


Christmas truck

It’s the Christmas truck. Natives of St Barth play music int all the districts of the islands. And people are dancing in the streets.


Splash in Saline Beach

Exactly under the sun. This is the right place of Saline Beach. The beauty of the sea is rivaling with the superb rocks surrounded…


Sargasses war

Sargasses are seaweed that invade the beaches in the carribean. They took the places of the people on the beaches. Taht is why some sea…


Big yachts are back

There are back in the port of Gustavia. We see yachts all year round in our island, but around christmas and new year’s eve…

Adam Falcon is playing live now at Bazbar in St Barths

Adam Falcon at Bazbar

 Adam Falcon is performing live at BazBar from Nov 17 to Nov 29, 2014. featuring Evan Howard (drums & percussion) and Nick Diaz (bass)….



Getting up early in the morning to see the beautiful sunrise on our island. The clouds, tired after a short night, will soon go…