Colombier beach trail

I love the small path going to Colombier beach while I am walking inside the beautiful Saint Barth natural reserve. the blue sea, the…


Gone with the wind

The fishing boats of Saint Barth are very colorfull and they wear very often funny names that reflect the life of the island. Here…


Forgot her hairs

The name of the bar means that you forget everything here in Gustavia. You forget the difficulties of life, you can even forget your…


Whales are back

Yes they are back. It’s the season when we can observe them many times during this month. but if you like them don’t disturb…


Goats’ domain

They are the watchmen of the island. Alone on the rocks the wild goats are watching the sea and playing as if nobody else…


Sunbeams at gouverneur beach

Once again, Gouverneur beach is playing with sun and colors. On the white sands, in this secluded bay, sunbeams are creating an magical atmosphere.


Fish of the day

You have to wake you up early in the morning if you want to have a chance of getting a good fish at the…


the Select or Bar de l’Oubli

So. Select or not Select. Oubli or not Oubli. (Oubli means forgotten in French) The two famous Gustavia bars are facing each other. Two…


Treasure island

In the deep blue sea, just in front of Saint Barth, in front of this black rocks, the yachts look like pirate’s boats waiting…


Dancing in the street

In the heat of the Caribbean night, the bodies scotch themselves in a sensual dance in rue de la France between the Select and…