Caribbean surfer

Well this is not Hawaï or Bali. The waves are not huge but the philosophy is different. Waiting for tour wave in this so-blue-so-clear-water…


St Barths Bucket Regatta

It’s the Bucket. Just the Bucket. One of the most famous sailboat race in the world. The important here is t participate, not to…


Lobster fishing and barbecue

On the heights of Vitet, having freh lobsters on the grill with the wonderful caribean sea in front of you is a timeless luxury….


Rue de la plage

Well, if you are not sure, we say you twice that the beach is overthere. And also a cool restaurant called Do BrazilAnd, do…


Beach’s goat

In Saint Barth wild animals meet sometimes big cars or luxury houses. This little goat is playing a pin up on the heights of…


Father and daughter

This is the place to go if you like fish. The Peruvian Chef and his team offers so wonderful ceviche! But all the dishes…


Cans and cigarettes

It’s not pop art. It’s not a soda ad. No! these cans are ashtrays. If you’re a smoker, you pick up a can and…