Hawksbill turtle

Young hawksbill turtles have a heart-shaped carapace. As these turtles mature, their carapaces becomes more elongated. In all of the hawksbill turtles, with the…


Forgot her hairs

The name of the bar means that you forget everything here in Gustavia. You forget the difficulties of life, you can even forget your…


the Select or Bar de l’Oubli

So. Select or not Select. Oubli or not Oubli. (Oubli means forgotten in French) The two famous Gustavia bars are facing each other. Two…


Dancing in the street

In the heat of the Caribbean night, the bodies scotch themselves in a sensual dance in rue de la France between the Select and…


From Mount Vitet

Walking in the wild paths of Mount Vitet is three times amazing. Because you see original plants, flowers, trees and animals like island turtles….


Bocce on the port

A quiet end of the day on the port of Gustavia. Members of the Bocce club of St Barths are playing while the mega…


Yachts & plane

So many yachts waiting for a place at quay in Gustavia. So many boats seeming tired after the new year’s eve. And in the…


Strand Factory #1

Friday, March 13, a date that already warms the spirits! See you on the dance floor for Strand Factory #1 with Julien Noma on…


St Barth’s carnival

This year again, under the wonderful blue sky and the shiny sun, Vaval, the “god” of St Barths annual carnival is going to be…



We don’t really know what we have to think about that. Theses mega yachts com in the port of Gustavia and install their lounge…