Saline beach entry

The entry to Saline Beach by the narrow path is always amazing, each day the same and each day different. the softness of the…


Bodysurf at Gouverneur

One of the most beautiful beach of Saint Barth. But they are all wonderful. When you surf on the waves you feel like a…


Beachwear cemetary

It is a peaceful cemetary, just on the beach of Lorient. Young women are passing by on swimwear, and children or men in pareo…


Lorient beachlife

She is walking along the blue Caribbean sea. All along the beautiful beach of Lorient she is walking, the wind blowing on her hat….


Beach Yoga

She is practicing yoga at Lorient Beach, in front of the Carribean sea  and may be she is watching whales far away. Feet in…


Saline beach from the sea

Saline beach seen from the sea. As beautiful and as secluded than centuries ago. It gives you the feeling that you are a Robinson…


Gouverneur’s rock

Gouverneur beach is famous for its wide white sand area, its turquoise blue sea and for the luscious green hill that wrap it. But…


Shell Beach

The numerous golden or orange shells have given their name to this small and lovely beach two steps away form the centre of Gustavia….


The rock house

One upon a time in Saint Barth, there was a great club on top of this rock. The house, now ruined and abandoned has…