Sargasses war

Sargasses are seaweed that invade the beaches in the carribean. They took the places of the people on the beaches. Taht is why some sea…


Big yachts are back

There are back in the port of Gustavia. We see yachts all year round in our island, but around christmas and new year’s eve…



Getting up early in the morning to see the beautiful sunrise on our island. The clouds, tired after a short night, will soon go…


Gouverneur on the rocks

Just another picture of pure beauty. Gouverneur’s beach is a jewel and its cristalline waters are famous all around the world. Actually, after Gonzalo…


Creamy wave in Lorient

Better than a foaming bath, is’n it? When the waves come softly towards you on the golden sand. You have just one desire: plunge…


Colombier from the sky

A perfect beauty. A song to blue harmony. Different shades of blue. More sexy than the grey. Clear blue, deep blue, turquoise blue. And…


When the sea is blowing

Everyday, every night, the sea is dancing on the rocks around St Barth. Never tired, the ocean swings, sings and moves. It is a…


Happiness in Shell Beach

Shell beach is as beautiful from the sea than from the hill above. Blue and cristalline it’s a little wonder everyday.


Submarine paradise

Treasures are all around in the sea in Saint Barth. 183 different species of fishes can be admired. Amateur or pro can dive in…


Kite girl on the lagoon

I am Lucila Alexandre Dupey. I Kite since winter 2004-2005, in the Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like to ride…


Sky now

Taking off with a high speed and contemplate both sides of Saint Barth Island with all that blue. © Mr Magnum on