Gone with the wind

The fishing boats of Saint Barth are very colorfull and they wear very often funny names that reflect the life of the island. Here…


Whales are back

Yes they are back. It’s the season when we can observe them many times during this month. but if you like them don’t disturb…


Goats’ domain

They are the watchmen of the island. Alone on the rocks the wild goats are watching the sea and playing as if nobody else…


Sunbeams at gouverneur beach

Once again, Gouverneur beach is playing with sun and colors. On the white sands, in this secluded bay, sunbeams are creating an magical atmosphere.


Treasure island

In the deep blue sea, just in front of Saint Barth, in front of this black rocks, the yachts look like pirate’s boats waiting…


Happy wind

Here, we call that the Christmas winds, and we love that. The atmosphere is cooler and it gave a great pleasure to windsurfers and kitesurfers….


Diamond in the sea

The sun creates diamond likes jewels on the top of the waves. in Saline Beach, the sea becomes a brilliant place where our soul…


Surfing in Toiny

At Toiny beach, surfers are riding the waves. Some goats are looking at them from the wild coast.


Christmas rainbow

Yesterday, on Christmas day, the sky was painted with a colorful symbol of peace and happiness. Fron Vitet height we were happy to see…


Splash in Saline Beach

Exactly under the sun. This is the right place of Saline Beach. The beauty of the sea is rivaling with the superb rocks surrounded…