From Vitet hill

From the top of Vitet hill, the highest spot of Saint Barth Island, your eyes is flying over the Lagoon, then travels far away…


Magic blue

Thanks God for such a beauty. Thanks Gaïa, our Mother Earth to reveal this kind of jewel. Look at that blue, look at that…


Natural pools

It’s a natural wonder. Real natural pools just on the seaside. Happily the path to go there is hidden (but well known by Saint…


The Colombier’s path

Walking through this unspoilt nature is a dream comes true. The small path takes you about 20 minutes to reach the beautiful Colombier beach….


Fourchue island

Fourchue island is a small place between Saint Barth and Saint Maartens. A cool destination when you are sailing around the islands of the…


So blue

Our lagoon at Grand Cul de sac is so beautiful, so blue, so quiet. There are so many different tones, from the pale blue,…


Sunset on Gustavia?

The golden lights of the town, the dark blue of the sea and of the sky, the vibrant life of Gustavia, the peaceful sunset…


St Jean beach blue style

A quiet morning like we love them. A magical sea color coming from the imagination of nature. And the time slowly spending for people…


Colombier beach trail

I love the small path going to Colombier beach while I am walking inside the beautiful Saint Barth natural reserve. the blue sea, the…